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Make a gift to the Miami Science Museum (MSM), and help inspire people of all ages and cultures to enjoy science and technology, in order to better understand ourselves and our world!  Since its founding by the Junior League over 60 years ago, the volunteers and staff of MSM have endeavored to serve the South Florida community by providing innovative and memorable hands-on exhibits, award-winning educational programs, a historic planetarium, natural history collections, including the South Florida animals in our Wildlife Center and also a Clinic for raptor rehabilitation.

Your contribution is used towards the following efforts:

Making a contribution to our endowment is one of the best ways to provide sustained and lasting support to MSM. These gifts secure the future of the organization and enable our donors to make a substantial investment in science and technology learning for years to come.

The Planetarium opened its doors to the public on November 4, 1966 and has entertained and educated children of all ages about astronomy and the wonders of the night sky ever since. It is a unique setting for bringing the stars and planets indoors in animated live star shows and music-filled laser light shows.

Wildlife Center
Visits to the Wildlife Center, meeting one of the staff and enjoying the collection of birds and reptiles is one of the aspects of the Museum that rates most highly among our visitors.  The Falcon Batchelor Bird of Prey Center at the Miami Science Museum is a facility dedicated to the ecological research, rehabilitation, and release of injured birds of prey.

Throughout all of MSM is an ever-growing collection of hands-on exhibits that explore everything from basic energy principles to what is found in Miami's amazing and diverse sea grass beds. These exhibitions are part of MiaSci’s ongoing effort to prepare for its move to downtown Miami, where the largest exhibition will be the building itself, a three-story showcase of renewable energy technologies and key features such as a three-story aquarium and 3D digital dome. 

Youth Programs
The Miami Science Museum's youth programs focus on providing low income youth with training, mentoring, work experience, academic enrichment and skills in the use of technology, while improving their communication and interpersonal skills and self confidence. The Museum's approach has been profoundly effective, with college and employment success stories attesting to its positive impact. Youth programs provided by the Museum not only provide students an alternative to the streets, but also with a new way of thinking and planning for their futures.

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