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Due to the museum's current location closing on Sunday, August 30, field trips and group visits are only available during the month of August 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned for information on our field trip and group visit program at the new Frost Science, opening in downtown Miami's Museum Park in summer 2016.

Museum & Planetarium Visit for School Groups

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A field trip to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is a day of learning, inspiration, and fun. Our exhibits, planetarium shows, theater presentations, wildlife encounters and related educational programming are designed to inspire people of all ages and cultures to enjoy science and technology, as well as to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our world.

Field Trip Options
Field Trip Program Guide -PDF
Chaperone Checklist and Guidelines -PDF

General Information

  • All fieldtrips to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science are 3 hours in duration. We ask that your group arrives and departs at the scheduled times for your visit.
  • Field trip packages listed below are available to groups arriving at the museum between 10am and 11am on weekdays. Groups may book to visit the museum at any time. However, groups that book outside of the group package parameters will be following our public schedule of shows and demos found at
  • Each group is required to have a chaperone to student ratio of 1:10. Chaperones within this ratio receive free admission. Each chaperone outside the 1:10 ratio will pay the group rate. Schools arriving with fewer chaperones will not be allowed to enter the exhibits.
  • All tours are self-guided, unless otherwise noted. However, museum Explainers will be on hand throughout the galleries to answer any questions your group may have.
  • Groups are scheduled for 3 activities and lunch in 45-minute rotations, unless otherwise indicated. Activities are scheduled based on museum capacity and staff availability; as such your lunchtime may occur earlier or later than usual. You will receive a detailed schedule upon arrival.
  • All Miami-Dade County groups receive an additional 15% off the listed fieldtrip prices.

Standard Field Trip Package ($10.95 per person):

The Classic Field Trip - This is our standard field trip package, suitable for all ages, that includes:

  • Exploration of our featured exhibitions - Tour our latest and greatest interactive exhibits, including the Energy Tracker, Moving Things, and Heart Smart. (Please review the following pages for more information).
  • Planetarium show - Learn about the planets in our solar system or how the constellations got their names on our overhead, 65 foot in diameter domed projection screen. (Please note: shows are scheduled based on staff availability, not group preference)
  • Live Theater Show - You may get a birds’ eye view of the wildlife here at the museum or feel the heat from an explosion from the comfort of your seat in our full size theater as our staff brings the magic of science to life right before your eyes.

(Please note: shows are scheduled based on staff availability, not group preference.)

Themed Field Trips ($12.95 per person):

We now offer several themed field trip options! Each themed field trip includes:

  • 1 lab/hands on activity (as listed below)
  • 1 live presentation (as listed below)
  • Your choice of either a planetarium show or free time in our exhibits.

The maximum capacity for any specialized field trip is 90 students unless otherwise indicated. Please note - it is not possible to mix and match activities between packages.

Topics for themed trips include Marine Science, Chemistry, Energy, Space, Weather, Wildlife and more!Various trips are available for each Grade Level. Please download our field trip guide here to review the themed trip options for your intended grade level.

Adult and Senior Groups ($10.95 per person):

Science Smorgasbord - See a little bit of everything the museum has to offer with our basic adult group package:

  • Guided Exploration of our featured exhibitions - Tour our latest and greatest interactive exhibits, including the Energy Tracker, Moving Things, and Heart Smart (for more information visit
  • Nine Planets and Counting Planetarium Show - How many Planets are there in our Solar System? 8? 9? 11? Find out how many there are and why Pluto is no longer considered a major Planet in this engaging show.
  • Bones Live Theater Show - Did you know that teeth are not bones? Our theater staff will give you some great information to chew on regarding the human skeletal system.

Field Trip Reservations

1. Before You Make A Reservation

  • Pick three potential days for your school trip that work with your school calendar.
  • Find out whether your school buses will be available on those days.
  • Confirm permission for the trip with your school administration.

2. Make Your Reservation

Fill out the registration request form at:

Our Group Sales Coordinator will call to confirm receipt of your reservation request, and send an invoice by email or fax.


Call our Group Sales Department at 305-646-4222.

The Group Sales Coordinator will need to know the following information:

  • Three potential field trip dates
  • Contact person
  • School name
  • School address
  • Contact person's phone number and email
  • Whether lunch will be eaten on site
  • Arrival and Departure time (if different from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm)
  • Estimated # of students
  • Grade level
  • # of chaperones (a ratio of 1 chaperoneper every 10 students is required)

NOTE: A $75 non-refundable deposit must be received 10 days prior to your visit to guarantee your reservation.

3. Pay for Your Trip

  • The group rate depends upon the fieldtrip option you have chosen and whether your group is based in Miami Dade County. Please review our fieldtrip options for pricing information. One teacher or chaperone per every 10 students is admitted free; each chaperone outside the 1:10 ratio will have to pay the group rate.
  • After your reservation request is made, the Group Sales Coordinator will email or fax an invoice.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order, or credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover).
  • Please make checks or money orders payable to the Museum of Science, Inc. and mail to:
  • Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
    Attention: Finance Department
    3280 S Miami Ave
    Miami, FL 33129

NOTE: The Museum requires 48 hours advance notice prior to any cancellation or other changes to a reservation. Without prior notification the original total will be expected upon arrival. Adjustments of 10% or fewer students are acceptable without penalty. No cash refunds will be given.

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