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Connect with the Miami Science Museum for a Virtual Field Trip without leaving your school!

The Virtual Field Trip Expedition offers an opportunity for your class to participate in a close-up, two-way videoconference with science educators at the Miami Science Museum to explore science in a new and unique way. Your Virtual Field Trip Expedition includes pre- and post-conference teaching materials that support National Science Education Standards and the Florida Sunshine State Standards, and provides a total learning experience for your students.

Our current videoconference expedition include:

When Animals Talk: An Online Expedition: It provides teachers in grades 4-12 with a ready-to-use, standards-based curriculum that integrates a variety of technologies to study the subject of animals in the Everglades. The culminating activity is an interactive videoconference with wildlife specialists – and animals! – at the Museum.

SpaceOLÉ: We challenge you and your team to explore cyberspace, talk to experts, and learn as much as you can about your celestial body. Use your mission packets to learn more about what you and your team must do. Then bring your findings to the SpaceOLE Summit and convince us that it's possible for humans to survive there.

The specific learning objectives are:

  • To learn about a variety of animals found in the Everglades, including the bald eagle, diamondback terrapin, diamondback rattlesnake, Florida box turtle, mangrove water snake, and osprey;
  • To learn about the roles of scientists, including animal behaviorists, biological field technicians, environmental ecologists, wildlife biologists, and wildlife veterinarians;
  • To practice online research skills and electronic presentation skills;
  • To participate in an interactive videoconference with wildlife researchers.

Virtual Field Trip Technical Requirements: Connect to the Miami Science Museum from anywhere in the world using 384K ISDN Capabilities (H.320) or 2 Megabit IP Capabilities (H.323). If you are in Miami-Dade County, you can use the existing M-DCPS Wide Area Network Internet connection in your classroom or media center. With our portable videoconferencing equipment, we provide a rich, interactive educational experience for your students without the cost and hassle of field trip forms, buses, substitute coverage and lost time.

Pricing: $300 per class at your school. Rental of videoconferencing equipment (if needed in Miami-Dade County) is available at extra cost and includes technical support to help you set up the equipment in your classroom.

For more information about these exciting new programs, email the Technology Trainer Enhancement Center (TTEC) at the Miami Science Museum at

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